• Possibilities of International Labor Organizing in Southeast Europe
    Beograd, Srbija
    In 2014 Serbia advertised itself on CNN as a land of highly skilled and cheap labor. Similar to that, in Skopje, Macedonia advertised itself on billboards across the town as a country with the cheapest labor force in Europe.
  • Report on workers rights in Albania
    During the last 25 years, the term »worker« - along with all the great importance, difficulties and the problematics inherited in it – has been disappearing from public discourse and political attention of interchanging governments.
  • Regional Political Forum on Marxist Theory and Practice in the Southeast Europe
    The period after the disappointment from SYRIZA's government and the (re)enacting of the debates on the level of intervention, European or national, that new socialist strategies should concentrate, was ruptured by the ›Brexit‹ with a deeper debate on the very position of the Left towards the European Union.