• Authors: Marija Ćaćić/Dora Levačić
    «Without us, the world stops working» – This was the slogan under which millions of Spanish women launched a general strike on 8 March 2018. The strike was more than just a strike, however, giving women the opportunity to discuss different related topics and engage in processes of self-organization around questions like work, care, and consumption. No...
  • Uredili: Danijel Čavez/Ernan Uvinja/Mabel Tvajtes Rej
    Publikacija Venecuela — Ključne perspektive s Juga je druga po redu publikacija koju objavljujemo u okviru edicije Studije socijalizma.
  • Author: Jana Tsoneva
    KOI’s 2018 report «The People Against Welfare Payments: or The Art of Making Those In Need Ask for More Restrictions Against Themselves» authored by Vanya Grigorova is a follow-up of an earlier, 2016 report entitled Poor Against Poor.