• Andreja Dugandžić/Tijana Okić (Ed.)
    The volume we present to the public is one of the results of many years of work by the comrades of the Crvena Arts and Culture Association on the digitisation of documents to create an Archive of the Antifascist Struggle of the Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia.
  • Authors: Marija Ćaćić/Dora Levačić
    «Without us, the world stops working» – This was the slogan under which millions of Spanish women launched a general strike on 8 March 2018. The strike was more than just a strike, however, giving women the opportunity to discuss different related topics and engage in processes of self-organization around questions like work, care, and consumption. No...
  • Uredili: Danijel Čavez/Ernan Uvinja/Mabel Tvajtes Rej
    Publikacija Venecuela — Ključne perspektive s Juga je druga po redu publikacija koju objavljujemo u okviru edicije Studije socijalizma.