Čezatlantsko trgovinsko in naložbeno partnerstvo (TTIP) je izčrpen sporazum o prosti trgovini in naložbah, o katerem se trenutno v tajnosti pogajata Evropska unija in Združene države Amerike (ZDA).


Situations, Struggles, Strategies
The first Balkan Forum took place within the Subversive Festival in Zagreb, in May 2012, and gathered up to 40 progressive organizations and movements from across the post-socialist states of the region.
Beograd, Srbija

Privatizacija medija - posledice i alternative

Kontekst kolektiv i portal Mašina vas pozivaju na panel diskusiju o privatizaciji medija u Srbiji
Kontekst kolektiv i portal Mašina vas pozivaju na panel diskusiju o privatizaciji medija u Srbiji i mogućnostima za alternativno delovanje u medijskom sektoru.   Petak, 27. februar, 18h; Press centar Udruženja novinara Srbije, Knez Mihailova 6 / III sprat     O rezultatima dosadašnje privatizacije medija u Srbiji i regionu, o...


Solidarity is an organization established in 2012 and based in Skopje, Macedonia. Solidarity is a progressive organization which is particularly engaged in the fields of social politics, antifascism, and union organizing. It convenes conferences, tribunes, and workshops as well as publishing and connecting with other progressive organizations in Macedonia...

Movement for Freedom

Movement for Freedom was established in 2004 as an independent, non-partisan, and self-organized worker-peasant organization which advocates for greater social rights, the decentralization of government and the economy, and a greater degree of citizen self-management. Movement for Freedom supports, organizes, and connects the struggles of workers and...

Collective for Social Interventions

Collective for Social Interventions  (KOI) represents Social Center Xaspel, which was formed in May 2010 in Sofia as one of the first initiatives of its kind in Bulgaria. It is a platform which offers space for various progressive social, ecological, and political groups from Bulgaria as well as an initiative for free education about social and political...

Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities

Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (ISSH) established in 2012 in Skoplje, Macedonia as an academic institute. Dedicated to a politically-oriented analysis of complex political currents in Macedonia conditioned by a European context. ISSH publishes the academic-activist philosophy journal IDENTITIES, which features the writing of outstanding...

Institute for Labor Studies

Institute for Labor Studies  (IDŠ) was established in 2012 by members of the Workers and Punks University. At the moment it includes more than 20 Marxist-inclined students, activists, and researchers. IDS has the mission to rehabilitate a Marxist critique of political economy in the Slovenian academy and public discourse and to establish a socialist...

Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation

Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation (ICSE) was established in 2014 in Tirana, Albania as a non-profit organization. ICSE was founded as support for the political platform „Organized Politics“, developed in 2011 as the result of monthly demonstrations against electoral manipulation in Albania. With the goal of realizing political education...

Center for Labor Studies

Center for Labor Studies  (CRS) was established in 2012 with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. It is dedicated to the theoretical problematization of intellectual and political voids which were opened by 'cleansing' academic spaces and public discussions of all remnants of a Marxist theoretical tradition. CRS hopes to contribute a reaffirmation of...