• Feminist Class Politics - Exchanging Theory And Practice | Belgrade | September 30th - October 4th
    The massive women's strikes and marches, which have taken place all over the world in recent years, have incited new forms of social movements. The immense scale of women’s mobilisations, with their constitutive class, antiracist and LGBT+ dimensions, were developed in response to post-crisis measures that exacerbated the lives of many, tightening restrictions on reproductive rights, as well as leading to the rise of the far and
  • Slovenia's recent parliamentary elections brought polarization on both the right and left
    The Slovenian parliamentary elections held on 3 June 2018 delivered an unprecedented level of diversity to the country’s parliamentary landscape.
  • An Assessment by Fritz Burschel
    It is finished. But then again – not quite. Finally, after 438 trial days spanning over five years, the 6th Senate of the Munich High District Court – the state security senate – has issued its long-awaited verdict in the NSU («National Socialist Underground») trial.