• 28.02.2021.
    Maja Solar (urednica)
    The publication represents a collection of critical texts created as a result of years of work of the Roma Forum of Serbia on the programme of political education.
  • Anamarija Šiša/Antonija Todić
    The study »The Legacy of Socialism after Neoliberal Crisis: Austerity Measures and Gender Equality in Slovenia« is a reflection on and an analysis of the consequences austerity measures had for the lives of women and for gender equality in Slovenia after the economic crises in 2008.
  • Marta Stojić Mitrović et. al.
    Examining migration movements, policies, public discourses and struggles in the Balkans between the summer of migration in 2015 and the pandemic crisis in 2020, this study provides an analysis of the impact of the EUropean border and migration regime in the region, which has become a buffer zone for people on the move.