• 05.06.2019.
    Emina Nikolić et al.
    Roma Forum Serbia, for the third year in a row, organizes political education workshops that critically address the question of the institutional framework of inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia.
  • Author: András Juhász
    The April 2018 parliamentary elections in Hungary resulted in a landslide victory for Fidesz and its junior coalition partner KDNP The national-conservative coalition, in power since 2010, had won its third supermajority in a row – two-thirds of all seats in parliament. In July of the same year, Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, held a speech in...
  • Authors: G.Medarov/J. Tsoneva/M. Nikolova
    Among European Union member-states, Bulgaria has the highest proportion of people who live in severe material deprivation, and it also tops the rankings on income inequality.