Cluj, Romania


What is to be Done?
The workshop series »Housing - right or commodity. What is to be done?« continues with a second discussion tackling the privatization process and the manner in which the property transfer led to the commodification of housing. We aim to discuss the privatization of economic units and of the housing stock, together with the relation between the two. We...

Fine Threads of Local Development

Vandana Shiva on 4th Food Sovereignty Forum in Croatia
“Companies that brought us the poisons are trying to make us believe that without them we would not be able to produce enough food. They want us to forget that all of us can save seeds, that we all can grow our food – no we will not forget!” said dr. Vandana Shiva on 4th food sovereignty forum in Croatia.
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Research Paper Series of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe No.1
In autumn 2013, Romania witnessed some of its biggest post-1989 protests. From September to about early December tens of thousands of people took to the streets in major cities of Romania. The reason was the project of an opencast mine in Roșia Montana, a small mining town located in the Apuseni Mountains. In the making for almost 16 years, the project...

Green Network of Activist Groups

Green Network of Activist Groups  (ZMAG) is an association established in 2002 in Croatia which unites organic gardeners and food producers, practitioners of sustainable technology and engineering, permaculture designers, economic justice model researchers, and participative forms of organizing. ZMAG deals with the promotion, education, and...
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