Feminist Class Politics - Exchanging Theory And Practice | Belgrade | September 30th - October 4th
The massive women's strikes and marches, which have taken place all over the world in recent years, have incited new forms of social movements. The immense scale of women’s mobilisations, with their constitutive class, antiracist and LGBT+ dimensions, were developed in response to post-crisis measures that exacerbated the lives of many, tightening restrictions on reproductive rights, as well as leading to the rise of the far and populist right. These struggles have opened up space for reflection on and the reorganization of left feminist politics.


Women`s Antifascist front. Between Myth and Forgetting
The volume we present to the public is one of the results of many years of work by the comrades of the Crvena Arts and Culture Association on the digitisation of documents to create an Archive of the Antifascist Struggle of the Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia.


Impact of Austerity Measures on Women in Croatia
«Without us, the world stops working» – This was the slogan under which millions of Spanish women launched a general strike on 8 March 2018. The strike was more than just a strike, however, giving women the opportunity to discuss different related topics and engage in processes of self-organization around questions like work, care, and consumption. No...


Volume 13, 2016
IDENTITIES is a peer reviewed international journal that seeks to serve as a platform for the theoretical production of Southeastern Europe and enable its visibility and an opening for international debate with authors from both the "intellectual centers" and the "intellectual margins" of the world.

Building Blocks for the Left

Regional Political Forum on Marxist Theory and Practice in the Southeast Europe
The period after the disappointment from SYRIZA's government and the (re)enacting of the debates on the level of intervention, European or national, that new socialist strategies should concentrate, was ruptured by the ›Brexit‹ with a deeper debate on the very position of the Left towards the European Union.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Queer Forum

On December 3rd, at 6:00 p.m., the third edition of Sofia Queer Forum opens at the Academy Gallery, the National Academy of Art. This year it goes under the motto “Sweet Union” and is dedicated to the topic of the family. Curator of the current edition of the Forum is Vladiya Mihaylova. Sofia Queer Forum is an initiative of the artist Boryana Rossa...
Sofia, Bulgaria

Feminism and the Politics of Unpaid Artistic Labor

Silvia Federici and Kathi Weeks
In this workshop the group will discuss two different approaches to the issue of work by feminist scholars, Silvia Federici and Kathi Weeks. Specifically the workshop will explore Federici’s Wages Against Housework (1975) and the third chapter of Kathi Weeks’ book The Problem With Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries (2011...
Sofija, Bulgaria

Wages for Art Workers

Strategies Confronting Unpaid Artistic Labor in Slovenia and USA
Unpaid/low paid artistic labor appears to be a universal trend in the neoliberal political economy, along with an overabundance of art school graduates constituting a ‘reserve army’ for the labor market of the non-profit/non-governmental arts sector. Conventional scholarly research on artistic work as well as cultural policy measures developed by...

Women’s Information-Documentation Training Center

Women’s Information-Documentation Training Center  (ŽINDOK) was established in 1997 in Belgrade, Serbia. It works to achieve equality for women in the public sphere, focusing primarily on the media. By way of critical content analysis, research, and education the center establishes communication between media outlets and their users with the aim of...
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Women's Space

Women's Space is a women's activist organization registered in 1998 in Niš with the aim of empowering women from marginalized social groups and contributing to altering the surroundings in which we live. The main activities of the organization are directed at support for women and minority activism, promoting feminist and antifascist values, and influencing...
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