Shadow Report on the Implementation of the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in the Republic of Serbia
Roma Forum Serbia, for the third year in a row, organizes political education workshops that critically address the question of the institutional framework of inclusion of Roma in the Republic of Serbia.

Not Safe at all

The Safe Countries of Origin Legislation and the Consequences for Roma Migrants
The discussions against Safe Countries of Origin concept and the repressive migration policies introduced into German legislation, continued throughout events in seven cities in Northern and Eastern Germany (Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Erfurt, Potsdam and Berlin)  within the speakers tour »Not Safe at All« between 14th and 23rd of February.


The Safe Country of Origin Concept and the Case of Roma Migrants
In September 2014 and October 2015, the German Bundesrat designated first Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, then Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro as safe countries of origin. In September 2015, the European Commission proposed to establish a common EU list of safe countries of origin (SCO) mainly including countries in the Western Balkan region.

Roma Forum Serbia

Roma Forum Serbia is an organization based in Belgrade which contributes to improving the positions of Roma men and women with a focus on youths and their (self)representation, also in enabling the development of political education and culture based on leftist and antifascist practices. Through its projects, Roma Forum Serbia aims to raise consciousness...
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Human Rights of Roma Returnees in Serbia

The problem of readmission of people who sought asylum in the European Union during the 90's is not a unique one for Serbia. As in other republics of ex-Yugoslavia, a migration trend was caused by the armed conflict and socioeconomic circumstances created in war conditions.